If all Portlights were created equal….you wouldn’t need ours

Experienced boat owners know that quality crafted portlights fit-better, wear better and look better. For years, Fuller Brush portlights have shown their appetite for miles of open water wear, and we take pride in providing the kind of quality portlight that it takes to weather even the roughest waters, year after year.

What makes Fuller Portlights so different from the others:

Top of the line Resins – Frame and spigot are made of an ABS injection molded, high impact thermo plastic material, top of the line resins selected specially for slat and fresh water exposure. Pop-in fiberglass screens and plastic finishing rings are included.

Self-Draining Spigot – It features a 15° downward slant molded into spigot for outward drainage and maximum performance.

5/8″ Window Thickness – The only 5/8″ acrylic window that is a poured cast sheet, machine generated from a solid sheet for precision and a full fail-safe seal. No distortion in window light, as in molded windows.

Hand Polished Windows - Each window is carefully hand polished to insure blemish free visibility from the light.

Corrosion Proof Fittings - All fittings are made from marine grade brass, copper strike, nickel strike and chrome strike, which results in corrosion proof fittings and years.

Maximum Safety Factor - That same high standard of quality that was built into our first portlight has also been painstakingly engineered into the production of today’s portlight to assure optimum safety for the boater.

These portlights are tremendously strong and completely leakproof due to a neoprene “O” ring gasket set into the window. And, if the window should be improperly dogged down it will not crack.

More for your Money - Compare the weight of a Fuller Portlight with that of any comparable portlight. The difference will tell you why no portlight today gives you more for your money than a Fuller Portlight.

Aesthetic Appearance - Who says you have to settle for less in appearance when its comes to portlight? Fuller offers you two heavy-duty portlight that don’t look like some sorts of “rigged apparatus”. Instead they blend beautifully into the aesthetic concept of your overall boat design.

Get together with out people way up front before you’re ready to design a new boat or new boat line. That is where we can really show you a portlight that will wet your appetite. No matter how you look at it – your boat – our portlights – dollar value well worth the money. We wouldn’t have it any other way! How about you?


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